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KEVIN Spitler

Born 1973 as a Toledo native Mr Spitler is a 10+ year veteran in the commercialized cannabis industry including the ownership and operation of a

medical Cannabis dispensary in

Kalamazoo Michigan from 2009 - 2012

where he assisted thousands of patients find a better quality of life.

After his endeavor in Michigan Mr. Spitler returned to Toledo to assist his mother who was suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer with 3 months to live. He began using various cannabis products to help control her pain and nausea helping to greatly reduce her suffering through her treatments.

After her passing in 2013 he was inspired to open his self proclaimed

“grandma approved” Toledo Hemp Center, to help bring a better quality of life to other moms and dads that didn't have a Kevin with the knowledge and products that his own mother had access to.


Toledo Hemp Center, established 2013, has become Toledo’s source for hemp based products, as in 2017 & 2018 the business was named Toledo’s #1 Holistic Health Center in the City of Toledo by Toledo City Paper, runner up in 2016.


Born 1978 as a Toledo Ohio native Ms DeMoe is an expert in the cannabis industry through extensive cannabis college studies via TMCI Global - an online Medical Cannabis Institute. Tiffany who used CBD hemp products to combat a personal addiction with anxiety medicine, has taken the lead on educating people in the Toledo area from 2015 - present where she has assisted thousands find alternatives to dangerous pharmaceutical medications.

After her endeavor in Ohio Tiffany relocated to Florida to assist her father who was suffering from various cancers including esophageal cancer with minimum months to live. She began utilizing various cannabis products to help control his pain and nausea helping to greatly reduce his suffering through his treatments.

After his passing in 2018 she was inspired to assist in the opening of Florida's very own self proclaimed "grandma approved" My Hemp Solutions in hopes of bringing much needed education to the area by helping others find a path to a better quality of life by sharing her personal story of success. Tiffany also helped establish Today's Holistic Choices which works extensively with medical marijuana doctors currently in Ohio as well as Florida where she provides essential education to patients looking to utilize medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

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